Pat Harrison Waterway District


Map of the Pat Harrison Waterway District
The Pat Harrison Waterway District (PHWD) is a Mississippi State Agency that provides camping, cabins and recreational facilities in Mississippi and is responsible for managing the rivers and their tributaries along the Pascagoula River Basin in Southeastern and East Central Mississippi. In order to effectively accomplish this mission, PHWD focuses on three specific areas; flood control, water management, and recreation. PHWD operates a total of 8 water parks with recreational facilities including cabins, R.V. Camping sites, water slides, boat launches, shelters and lodge halls, nature trails, etc. These water parks are located adjacent to reservoirs and rivers.

Parks included in the Pat Harrison Waterway District:
  • Archusa Creek Water Park
  • Big Creek Water Park
  • Dry Creek Water Park
  • Dunn's Falls Water Park
  • Flint Creek Water Park
  • Maynor Creek Water Park
  • Okatibbee Water Park
  • Turkey Creek Water Park
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* Special * All parks now offer a special rate on campsites: rent a site for 3 nights and get the 4th night free! Please call the individual parks for details.

Cabin Reservations:  601-261-1247 | 1-800-748-9403
District Office:             601-264-5951 | 1-800-748-9618
Camping Reservations:  Call Individual Parks for Reservations
We offer a 10% Military Discount at all parks!
-Note: No "first come, first serve" in any PHWD parks.

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